Jakub Jerszyński

Representative of Management Board


“We give you heat” is our motto. We want you to feel comfortable while spending time with your loved ones – during family meetings, parties with friends or by yourself, relaxing after a long and exhausting day. We will be very pleased, if there is a place for Vulkan products on your terrace, patio, in the garden – wherever you like to spend time.

We are a Polish family company, relying on many years of experience, a good and dynamic team of employees and proven technological solutions. We know every single one of our products inside out and have tested them in many different ways. We vouch for its quality, functionality and, above all, safety. We manufacture only such terrace heaters we would like to use ourselves. We are not afraid of competition, because… there’s practically none of it. You can find more about our values, as well as the advantages and specific features of our products, in the “Why Vulkan?” section.

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