Our telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are listed in the CONTACT section.

Customer service is available from 7 am to 4 pm.

You can ask for details over the phone, but orders should be placed by email.

Yes, you can collect your order at our company headquarters in Pszczyna.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase by instalments.

It is not possible to edit an order. In the event of an error, please call the sales department as soon as possible at: 533 189 050

Yes, the option is available by logging into the customer panel of the Vulkan shop.

Yes, but please note that you will not have access to your order history or edits.

Until you receive confirmation of your order, you can do this by logging in to your customer panel or by calling the sales department.

Yes, you will need to restart it, when logging in at the customer panel by entering the email address you used when logging in.

Any order can also be placed by email at: vulkan@kominflex.com.pl, and ask for details by phone.

If you would like to become our partner or vendor, please email us at: vulkan@kominflex.com.pl or call: 739252008.

Yes, all heaters ordered from the Vulkan shop are shipped on a pallet.

You should always check whether the received parcel is undamaged, and in case of any doubts, fill in a damage protocol in the courier’s presence.

Yes, all our terrace heaters have European safety certificates.

This depends on the model you have chosen. Always keep a minimum of half a metre from the canopy.

Terrace heaters should be placed at least half a metre away from walls or other objects.

This depends on the model you choose and where the heater will be used. The most powerful models, Etna and Hekla, can heat up to 12 square metres (under stable weather conditions).

All commercially available gas cylinders fit our heaters.

Depending on the model chosen, the power set and the type of gas used, between 15 and 34 hours.

You will need a connection kit (regulator + hose) to run your terrace heater. You can add this to your purchase when placing your order.

We recommend using gas cylinders with pure propane (especially when the temperature outside drops below 10 degrees Celsius). Propane butane cylinders can also be used.

You can buy it from our shop. You can also write to us or call us.

As terrace heaters are gas-powered appliances, we strongly recommend that you have them repaired by our service department and that you consult this department before purchasing parts other than the canopy or glass elements.

Service is available from 7am to 2pm by calling 730225245 or emailing: serwis@vulkan.com.pl.

The heater must be protected against possible damage in transit. You can ask for details at customer service or Vulkan service.

Nameplates can be found inside the terrace heater (on the base or door) and in the instruction bag.

Every Vulkan heater comes with a 2-year warranty – calculated from the date of purchase.

Terrace heaters are only available in the colours shown on our website. Some models can be custom-powder-coated. Please ask our customer service for details.

We have distributors and partners nationwide. Call us with your location and we will tell you where our heaters are available for viewing.

Terrace heaters should be switched off during precipitation, as their glass elements can become damaged.

Give us a call – we can help you choose.

Call our service department. You can make an appointment to speak to them. Ideally, you should be at the terrace heater at the time.

Terrace heaters are best cleaned with commercially available stainless steel cleaners and glass cleaners (glass elements). If you want to maintain the appearance of your heater and it will be outside all the time, we recommend purchasing covers.

It is not necessary to have your terrace heater serviced periodically. If you have a problem starting your heater after not using it for a while, clean the burner and nozzle of the unit with compressed air. Details can be obtained from the service department.

The cylinder connection kit should be replaced, ideally every 1-2 years. The rest of the terrace heater components do not need to be replaced.

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