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WATRA 1.4 terrace heater


We designed it for those who, apart from high thermal efficiency, value designer looks. With Watra you will feel like by a traditional highlander bonfire, but in the 21st century!

Warranty: 2 years

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SKU: W.O.S.00.00000129
For the correct operation of the terrace heater, a connection kit is required, which must be installed yourself, the kit is included with the product, follow the user manual :)


Although Watra has been entirely designed and manufactured in Poland, it can decorate terraces and gardens (as well as hotels and restaurants) all over the world, from Milan to Singapore.


Take advantage of the extensive knowledge and many years of experience of our service technicians and sales staff.


A unique, private spectacle of warmth and light in your garden!
Warranty: 2 years
Device category: I3B/P
Gas type: Propane-butane PLBP
Power: 8,5 kW
Pressure: 37 mbar
Gas consumption: 0,59 kg/h
Max. hose length: 1,5 mb (40/10 bar o10)
Regulator type: 37 mbar PL
Nozzle: 1,4
Height: 1,5 m
Weight: 33 kg

1. Komin-Flex provides a guarantee for VULKAN brand terrace heaters for a period of 2 years.
2. The warranty is given for VULKAN heaters excluding connecting hardware, i.e. a low-pressure regulator with a hose which is not included in the scope of delivery (additional offer).
3. During the warranty period the user has the right to free removal of defects caused by the manufacturer.
4. The warranty does not cover defects caused by incorrect installation, repair, storage, transport and operation which does not comply with the operating instructions.
5. The buyer has the right to exchange the product for a new one or to receive a cash refund, if a factory defect is found that cannot be removed.
6. The warranty service does not cover all maintenance and repair work, including work arising as a result of inadequate fuel quality.
7. For proper operation of VULKAN terrace heaters it is necessary to maintain periodic replacement of the connection set, i.e. the low-pressure regulator and the hose (recommended replacement every year).
8. Failure to follow the installation instructions will void the warranty.
9. The territorial scope of the guarantee protection is the territory of the Republic of Poland.
10. the manufacturer provides a guarantee based on this guarantee card, which is valid only with the proof of purchase of the product.



Watra, just like other heaters in our offer, is the fruit of Polish technical thought; its production also takes place in Poland, using some elements manufactured in Europe. We are proud that we have managed to create a product, which not only fulfils its purpose, but also has a unique charm.



The production of our heaters in Poland has the additional advantage – we have a full range of spare parts and additional accessories at our disposal on site, and in case of service or maintenance requirements, our experts also provide their expertise locally, without the need to wait for long contact times.



Imagine a heater in which the fire is visible from all sides and the burner with its beautiful visual effect resembles a traditional campfire. Enjoy the unique shape and safe, unique design, protected from the wind by toughened glass in two sizes – low and high panes.

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